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The Marine Division, staffed with Mechanical, Marine Engineers and Cargo Surveyors with many years of experience, serves the insurance, industrial and shipping community in.

  • Condition and valuation survey of both hull and machinery.
  • Damage survey of vessel’s hull and machinery involved in a casualty.
  • Suitability of towage arrangements, both of tug and tow and issuance of certificates.
  • On/Off hire surveys – survey of ship on charter to determine damage and deficiency prior to and after charter.
  • Draft Survey – determination of weights of bulk, liquid and dry cargo loaded or unloaded from vessels or barges.
  • Stowage and Securing Arrangements. Supervision in the proper stowage and securing arrangements of deck or under-deck cargoes.
  • Shipboard and hatch surveys.
  • Superintendence of discharge / loading and delivery of heavy lifts both by land and sea.
  • Superintendence of loading/discharging of bulk liquid and dry cargo, viz., vegetable and mineral oil products, grain, ore, etc.
  • Pre-shipment sampling of dry/liquid cargoes for required analysis.
  • Superintendence of incoming and outgoing shipment to minimize, if not, eliminate loss/damage due to theft, pilferage, or mishan­dling.
  • Damage survey-assessment of loss and determination of the cause, nature and extent of loss/damage sustained by the cargo.
  • Stock inventory and quality surveys.
  • Marine Adjustment and Subrogation – handling of claims as­signed in accordance with the international adjustment procedures. Gathering of proofs of loss and other documents necessary for subrogation purposes. Conducts re-investigation of the case if such action is necessary, determines and recommends to insur­ers the extent of their liability, if any, based on policy conditions.