The Casualty Staff is highly experienced in the handling of all types of casualty losses. It is composed of lawyers-consultants, auto appraisers, and other professionals.  It is fully trained and equipped to respond through our various offices to the need for prompt and economical servicing of every type of casualty losses anywhere in the country.



The Casualty Division provides services in 6 major fields:

1. MOTOR  CAR – Includes attendance to own damage claims,  carnapping  cases,  appraisals, salvage disposals;  and, third  party liability claims whether property damage, bodily injury or  death claims,  under  the  compulsory third  party  liability  coverage and/or excess liability coverage, including legal services.


2. LIABILITY – Investigation and adjustment  of  comprehensive general  liability,  manufacturers’ and  contractors’  liability, owners’ landlords’ and tenants’ liability, product liability, and other public liability losses.


3. WORKMEN’S COMPENSATION – Under foreign laws;  preparation and filing of required forms and documents; field investigation concerning  compensability or dependency;  computation of  appropriate benefits;  and attendance of hearings.


4. LIFE – We  undertake life investigation for contestable and non-contestable claims under all types of life insurance policies.


5. AVIATION – We handle hull,  passenger liability, pilot  seat  and public liability claims.


6. PERSONAL ACCIDENT, ACCIDENT  & HEALTH – Investigation and adjustment of  claims under  all types of individual or group personal accident  and/or hospitalization policies, including, but not limited to, investigation  of  health  history;  circumstances  surrounding  losses;  verification  of  documents;  fraudulent claims;   interview  and statement  taking  of witnesses;  preparation of  legal  opinions whenever required and/or necessary.



LEGAL  AND  SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS –  We  undertake  special investigation  assignments;   render  comprehensive  reports   in connection  therewith and/or prepare legal opinions which may be necessary relative to all the foregoing services.