5th Floor, One Palanca Bldg., 100 Don Carlos Palanca St., Makati City, 1229




General Questions

Can you attend to our claims need 24-K anytime, anyplace, anywhere?

We have 24-K services in Metro Manila and provincial within 24 to 36 hours.

Are you strategically located all over the Philippines?

Yes, we have offices in Makati, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo and Cagayan de Oro City which can provide services anywhere in the Philippines.

Are you fully equipped physically and intellectually to meet our demands?

Yes, we have licensed and trained adjusters, All lines.

Are you licensed by the Insurance Commission and endorsed as an active member of APAC?

Yes, both Insurance Commission and Association of Phil. Adjustment Company

How many licensed adjusters you have under Fire, Casualty & Marine?

Fire – 9

Casualty – 5

Marine – 2

Are you technically capable to access to insurance company systems?

Yes, we have IT, secretaries, accounting clerks and claims assistants knowledgeable on computer systems, excel, word, etc. and they are available to attend insurance companies sponsored seminar for this purpose.

Do you continue to have your skills and adapt to changing needs?

We have a continuing education program for our adjusters as we enroll them to IIAP and APAC seminars aside from our own in-house training.

Do you have any foreign Alliance?

Yes. We are a member of the Sedgwick Alliance – one of the world’s largest claims management companies and a leading global provider of technology-enabled risk, benefits and integrated business solutions.